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Drugs can play an important role in helping athletes recover from some sports injuries and ensure they return to training and competition as quickly as possible.

When it comes to drugs and sports, athletes are incredibly wary of what they put into their system, fearing that they could be found to be gaining an unfair advantage. This doesn’t change when they become injured.

A lot of the drugs that are used to treat sports injury are for pain relief or anti-inflammatory purposes. Drugs that reduce the swelling of soft tissue injuries are particularly common and can usually be purchased over the counter with no prescription.

Painkillers are much the same and athletes are usually dependent on them in the immediate aftermath of sustaining a painful injury. Muscle rubs like Deep Heat are also used to reduce the sharpness of strains and pulls.

When most people think about drugs in sports, particularly at the highest level, they immediately think about drugs cheats. However, there are many drugs that are essential for injury recovery and prevention.

We have more information on sports injury drugs listed below in the form of articles with useful help and advice.