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Field hockey injuries

Field Hockey Injuries

Many field hockey injuries are the result of a player coming into contact with the stick or the ball. Cuts, scrapes and bruises are therefore common, but there are a multitude of other field hockey injuries.

Muscles pulls and strains often strike down hockey players because of the rapid movement and changes of direction involved with the sport. For the same reason, sprained and broken ankles will also occur.

As already mentioned, the ball can cause a large amount of damage. Head and face injuries will normally only occur when the ball flies off the stick from close range, but the injuries can be horrific.

To avoid field hockey injuries, players should primarily make sure they have all the correct protective clothing including shin pads and mouth guards. Goalkeepers should also protect their head with a helmet that also has a face protector. Without any of these, athletes increase their chances of serious injury.

Technique training can also ensure field hockey injuries like shoulder tears are kept to a minimum. Amateurs will often swing aggressively with little control of the stick, leading to shoulder strains.

We have more information on field hockey injuries listed below with useful advice and tips.

Field hockey injuries