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Good flexibility is vital to any athletes looking to avoid or overcome sports injuries.

Many amateur athletes still don’t fully understand the benefits of a long and thorough warm up. Warming and stretching before training and competition will not only increase flexibility in the muscles and joints but is proven to enhance performance.

Flexibility is also proven to increase physical fitness, reduce both muscular soreness and tension whilst also offering increased mental and physical relaxation.

Coaches fully understand the merits of improved flexibility in the muscles and joints. This is why professional athletes are always made to complete long and vigorous warm ups before being allowed to take part in any training or competitions.

Unfortunately, even the athletes who undertake long periods of stretching prior to performing can get things wrong. Overstretching and performing the wrong types of exercise for a particular sport can lead to injury.

Athletes should always be confident that their stretching and flexibility routine will arm them with the protection to perform unhindered at the highest level. Consulting a doctor or specialist is a good way to ensure the right exercises are performed in the correct manner.

We have more information on achieving good flexibility listed below so be sure to read on for more useful advice and tips.