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Metatarsalgia is generally the name for any type of foot pain. However, it specifically refers to an injury that affects the ball under the forefoot of an athlete, leading to significant pain.

Metatarsalgia often occurs as a result of improper footwear that puts added strain on the foot. Women who wear high heels are particularly susceptible to foot pain and Metatarsalgia.

Other causes of metatarsalgia include excessive force as a result of hard running or a sudden impact and both of these things can cause ligament damage.

Metatarsalgia can be treated with rest and by ensuring the correct footwear is used to train and compete in.

Many athletes that experience metatarsalgia injuries get inserts for their footwear to ensure they’re getting adequate support. Shoes with a wide area for the toes will also help ensure the foot has greater flexibility and there is less chance of damage.

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