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Mountain biking injuries

Mountain Biking Injuries

There are a variety of mountain biking injuries and precautions have to be taken in order to avoid them.

Common mountain biking injuries are split into two sections: overuse and traumatic. The traumatic injuries often stem from a cyclist falling off or losing control and result in abrasions and contusions as well as fractured and broken bones.

Some of the overuse injuries commonly associated with mountain biking are Achilles tendinitis, hamstring tendinitis and lower back pain. These types of injury can come about when athletes push themselves too hard and overtrain. They can also be the result of poor cycling technique, putting excessive strain on a specific area.

To avoid mountain biking injuries, an athlete should always ensure they have the right protection in the form of helmets, gloves and knee and elbow pads. This protective clothing will ensure the risk of traumatic injuries is significantly reduced.

A long and thorough warm up and stretching routine will ensure overuse injuries are reduced. Improving flexibility and strength with training is another way to ensure an athlete’s body can stand up to the demands of mountain biking.

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Mountain biking injuries