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Running injuries

There are many common running injuries because of the repetitive nature of the sport.

The most frequent running injuries are runners knee, blisters, iliotibial band syndrome, shin splints and Achilles tendinitis. Unsurprisingly, all of these injuries are associated with the lower limbs as are nearly all running injuries.

Running injuries can be picked up in a variety of ways. Poor footwear will often be to blame for blisters and many other foot injuries that occur. Another reason might be the location for a runner's training. Road running often means training on uneven surfaces that can lead to increased pressure on muscles and joints.

Some running injuries stem from an athlete not dedicating enough time to warming up or warming down. Both of these processes will prevent injuries and a good routine will ensure increased flexibility and performance.

In order to avoid running injuries, athletes should make sure they have the correct footwear that offers support to the whole foot and fits perfectly. A thorough warm up and warm down will also minimise the risk of injury.

Overtraining is another big reason that so many runners pick up injury and adequate rest should be taken between sessions to ensure the body has enough time to recover and strengthen.

We have much more information on running injuries listed below which includes useful help and advice.