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Thoracic injuries

Thoracic Injuries

Thoracic injuries need to be taken very seriously and athletes should ensure they immediately seek medical help.

The thoracic cavity, or chest cavity as it’s more commonly known, is an important part of the respiratory system which ensures people can breathe properly. Therefore any thoracic injuries require immediate evaluation.

Contact sports like football and rugby where traumatic impact is common are the most likely to cause thoracic injuries, but unfortunately in many cases thoracic injuries are not immediately recognisable.

The most common form of thoracic injury in sports is thoracic outlet syndrome caused by sudden trauma which affects the nerves that move into the arms from the neck. It can cause pain when making certain movements and has been known to cause sensory loss.

Treatment of thoracic injuries can come in the form of a combination of drugs and exercises, or surgery in the most serious cases. Treatment of thoracic injuries still causes much debate amongst experts, but visiting a doctor to examine the damage is important.

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Thoracic injuries