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My name is Chris Mallac and I am the editor of The Sports Injury Doctor.

The Sports Injury Doctor is a free advisory email newsletter packed with tips for physios, coaches and athletes. Each issue is designed to get you on the way to injury-free performance.

This special service is dedicated to bringing you the latest techniques, training plans and exercises to help athletes recover more quickly from injury – and better protect themselves from problems in the future.

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So why am I qualified to help you? I am a physiotherapist and strength and conditioning coach. I am the head of performance at Aviva Premiership rugby club London IrishI have been head of sports medicine at Bath Rugby and head physio at Queensland Reds Super Rugby, and worked within Australian Rules Football at the Brisbane Lions and with Australian women's hockey and softball.

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Lower Body Injuries


FREE REPORT 1: Lower Body Injuries

This report includes case studies covering the assessment, analysis, exercise plans, treatments and results of various lower body injuries such as back and hamstring troubles, posterior thigh pain, groin pain and postural abnormalities. Get it free now!

Core Muscle Training

FREE REPORT 2: Core Muscle Training

Written by Raphael Brandon, consultant and specialist in sports fitness training, this report reviews the theory and research that underlies core stability training and suggests exercise progression to enhance this function. Get it free now!

Each issue of The Sports Injury Doctor you will receive contains easy to digest sports physiotherapy advice, to help you become the best you can be. For no cost, you can learn to treat and prevent injuries more effectively.

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Yours in fitness,

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Chris Mallac
The Sports Injury Doctor



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