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what steps should I take to recover from Iliotibial band syndrome?

Question: what steps should I take to recover from Iliotibial band syndrome?

This Thurs I went for my normal 3 mile run and took a step about half way though only to find a horrible sharp pain on the side of my right knee. After much research, I am pretty sure it's Iliobtibial band syndrome. I cannot run one step without a sharp pain on the right side of my right knee. I cannot even do the elliptical or stairmaster without severe pain but walking I am just fine - no pain at all. I want to know how to recover quickly, so I can get back to my running routine? I am going nuts knowing I cannot run! HELP!


This seems to be the answer, go to
On this site infact! I will defo be recommending it to my clients and doing myself as if anything goes on a run with me, its this ruddy ITB!Prevention is always better tham belated cure.. Best of luck


Running injuries are horrible. I am a competitive runner too, and the thought of not being able to train scares me! However you have picked up an injury...not the worst, but still an injury. Crosstrain for a while, go to a local gym and do upper body stuff and lots of abb and back strenghtening (slowly building up to how much you can handle of course, jumping into a new workout too fast will result in another injury). Pool swimming is great for runners if you can get to one...also if you can find a place (local or college gym) that has a rowing machine they work really good too. Rest and let the inflamation the area and take ibuprofen. when the inflamation is gone strech your ITB... you can find streches in the inernet. Also, it hurts like hell, but try to get your hands on a foam roller, and use it to break up some of that scar tissue in the ITB area. However, my advice is just from experience! I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL. A physical therapist will more than likeley tell you the same stuff, but its probaly better hearing it from them! Good luck!


Thanks for the valuable advice. I was on my home from Office Supplies Birmingham then suddenly i slipped from the road and twisted my knee. Its still hurting me.