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Achilles tendon.....should I have it surgically fixed or let it heal on its own?

Question: Achilles tendon.....should I have it surgically fixed or let it heal on its own?

I torn my achilles tendon 3 days ago. I went and had it x-rayed and it is indeed torn. The doctors are recommending surgery to sew it back together. I've done my research and there is a non-operative way to heal the tendon by putting a cast on it for two months so it is undisturbed and so it can heal. There is condraticting research that supports both methods. I would like to go the non-operative route because I believe my body can and will heal itself, BUT I do not want a rerupture later down the road. Can tendons really heal themselves? What vitamins would be good in helping aid my body in its healing? Also, if anyone has done either the operative or non-operative way I would love to hear your experience. I appreciate and welcome all comments.


Hi there

I am an Australian Kinesiologist/sports therapist.

The achilles tendon supports three important muscles, The Soleus, Gastrocnemius and the plantaris. All three are related to the immune system through a meridian called the triple heater.
The three functions of this meridian are maintaining body heat. metabolism, and the fight or flight system of the limbic brain.
It controls the glandular system such as the glands of the brain, the thyroid, para thyroids, thymus, adrenals, lymphatic system and the reproductive system. All these functions are controlled by the brain, the bio-computer.
A few days ago I mentioned on this website that drug abuse attempts, and some times succeeds, to alter the function of that computer resulting in permanent malfunctions of the brain and, consequently, the body.

If you tear a tendon it usually indicates the tendon was not functioning correctly at the time of injury. In order to prevend further injury we need to find out what made that tendon malfunctioning in the first place.

That is what Kinesiology is so good at. We don't concern ourselves with symptoms, but rather address the CAUSE of a problem
The muscles I mentioned before, and the connective tissue of the tendons and ligaments, and indeed the whole immune system depends on Vitamin C
and the glandular system depends on zinc for proper function and I would recommend a supplement of Vit.C 2000 mg and Zinc 50 mg daily to build up your immunity and strenghten the glandular system.
I would not recommend an operation, certaily not with a depleted immunity
I suggest immobilising the lower leg for at least a couple of weeks.
If you can avoid anything that you are allergic to, in particular the two
D's, Dairy and Drugs, and take the suggested supplements your Achilles tendon would have healed.
If you can get hold of the DVD; 'Unlocking the mystery of life' You'll see that a group of scientist have found that the human body is designd by intelligence, not evolution!. As there is only one intelligence in the universe I let you guess who designd your body! We believe it is the Temple of the great Spirit whatever name He goes by in your part of the woods.
Bruce Lipton Ph.D's DVD; 'The biology of belief' is another great DVD by a great visionary.

Good luck

Hans de Rycke Fr.R.C.
'Bahk-Ge's Retreat'
Natural and Spiritual Healing Center


Hi, my achilles ruptured 2 days ago and I am soooooooooo depressed after reading the length of time i will be immobile! The cast was put on today and I guess i will just have to accept that life has dealt me a cruel blow..
I have chosen the conservative repair route due to conflicting research like 'jenisbeautiful'. (and also my fear of the anesthetic)
I too am under the impression that we should allow nature the opportunity to rectify injuries that occur naturally!!
However, can anyone advise what length of time the cast should be on for? 1 week? 2 weeks? 3 weeks then moved or 4 weeks and moved? Also, should I have had a splint and exercise option? A boot?

I am so confused, and would like reassuring from anyone that the conservative method is nearly if not more successful than surgery?

Are there any supplements ie glucosomine sulphate that would aid recovery and strength in the recovery process??

What about positive thinking? ha

Any remedies for the annoying itches.....?