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Adductor pain: advice on treatment required

Question: Adductor pain: advice on treatment required

I am a competitive cyclist, though suffer from, sometimes severe, pain in the adductor area, more on the left leg, rather than the right leg. This has the effect of preventing me from exercising the desired amount of power on the bike, and does mean I have to endure quite a lot of pain as I ride. Often this will ease as I continue on a ride, though is present for longer on more intensive rides. I'm not sure, also, if this is leading to other issues, e.g. lower back pain. I have strong gluteal muscles, and do exercise to improve them as well as my hamstrings


Andrew has got Mm. spasm of the addacor Mm. may be,he depend mor on Lt.Leg during excersises : Iadvise him to go Physiotherapy treatment to reseve hottretment and Mm.massage and streching of the Mm. torelese the spasm and then he need to retreaning of the addactor Mm.


Have you thought about having sports massage? I'm a sports massage therapist and would recommend this to anyone with Adductor pain. Take a look at my website and let me know if you have any questions :-)


I exercise regularly, alternating from outdoor runs ( typically 4 to 8 km), gym sessions, roller blading and golf.
For about a month now I have been experiencing slight pain and discomfort in my left abductor.Not sure which activity may have caused this but suspect it was either a hip turn at golf or when one of my roller blading manouvers back fired.

Either way , now my runs are compromised and require a lengthy warm up before I can run somewhat comfortably,roller blading is ok but there is general soreness after both activities, when i wake up in the morning and when I sit in a chair for too long and then get up to walk.

Lately my hips and lower back are starting to feel sore as well...not sure if related.

I have gone on to low impact, gym , more stretching and swimming but the symptoms still remain.

Any advice/opinions please?