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Ankle pain in cyclist

Question: Ankle pain in cyclist

I have a ankle pain when I am riding a bike. I can walk without problems but when I am doing cycling I feel a pain around the external malleolus. After this pain I had a Achilles tendinitis, I was in rehabilitation and this injury disappeared 1 weeks ago. What is it happening?


not enough details to diagnose. Suggest you get someone to look at you on your bike. Are you cleated?


I have to change my position on my bike but I need stretching my hamstrings before change my sadle height. Yesterday I went to a doctor and he did me a foot print. He diagnosed me as "foot plane" with too pronation. I use a shoe one number bigger than I need, but physio recomended me it.


What you need is a professional bike fit. I recommend Cyclefit in Covent Garden, London.
Footbeds (insoles) and external wedging on your cleats, frame size reach and stretch, fore and aft ratios as well and spinal profile can all be measured. then the fit in conjunction with the likes of me (a physiotherapist) can be the optimal combination to fit the bike under you and you on the bike.
Wishing you painfree and safe riding!