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Any idea what is causing pain in my groin/hip/thigh and knee, with occasional feebleness in lifting leg off the ground?

Question: Any idea what is causing pain in my groin/hip/thigh and knee, with occasional feebleness in lifting leg off the ground?

I'm a 54 year old women who cycled at speed everywhere in town (especially uphill) for exercise. I also run up four flights of stairs several times a day and recently attended a tough Pilates course. However, I think I overdid it one day and, ever since, I often suffer from really quite severe groin/hip/thigh and knee pain in my right leg. It consists of a strong ache down the front left and right of the thigh (not at the side, but just off centre on each side of the thigh), which then seems to meet under the kneecap. The pain also seems to affect the inside of the thigh near the groin area and the front of the hip joint. It also sometimes hurts in the centre of my right buttock and down the calf. It is not constant, though, as some days I am completely (and blissfully) free of pain. Sitting seems to aggrevate the problem, though. There is also sometimes a terrible feebleness in the thigh muscle when I try to lift my leg, say to enter the car. I can't get my leg to leave the ground and I have to pull my leg up with my hands under my thigh and swing the leg into the car! I also experience terrible difficulty in the articulation of the leg at the hip. If, say, I am lying or sitting, I am able to bend my left leg and let it drop at the hip, extending down quite far. With the RIGHT leg, however, the hip (or inside of the thigh where it meets the groin) doesn't allow much flexibility. (An x-ray of the hip showed no arthritis, by the way.)

I don't know if it is also connected to the same problem, but I occasionally suffer great pain in the right knee if I KNEEL on the floor and there is a spot that is sensitive to the touch. (However, I tripped recently and fell on the knee, so perhaps the problem with kneeling is just tenderness from the fall.)

The pain in my leg has eased for the past few days, as I have avoided doing much exercise. However, today I've just cycled uphill and then run up the stairs and - yes, I'm now in pain again, especially sitting at my computer. (I have also suffered for many years from low back pain and stiffness, but I am sure this is not involved in this leg problem.)

Any idea what is causing this and what is the best treatment? I am desperate for help, as I can already feel myself getting unfit from lack of exercise and the pain is really quite unbearable at times. LizGordon


I am a massage therapist i have treated this problem before. your back pain and groin pain are related. the muscle that is causing this is called psoas major. it starts at the transverse process of L2-L5 and connects to your medial femur toward the top of the bone. when it gets tight it will exaggerate your lumbar curve, causing back pain. Going to a massage therapist with good knowledge of deep tissue massage should help a lot as well as taking some time off. A yoga class will also help with preventing a reoccurence.