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Ball of foot pain behind big toe and second toe

Question: Ball of foot pain behind big toe and second toe

Help!!!!! I have had pain at the ball of feet behind big toe and behind second toe on both feet for over two years. It started while bowling once a week. Unfortunately I kept bowling even though I was in pain. I finally quit and the pain eased up somewhat but never got better. Not sure if that caused it or not. It even wakes me up at night feeling like severe tightness at the ball of foot behind big toe and sometimes between big toe and second toe. I've seen several doctors...all baffled. Tests for arthritis, vitamin deficiencies, circulation, gout, x-rays, MRI...all negative. No neuromas detected. Pain is a burning type pain after sitting down for a while. There is some stiffness at the big toe, but not the second toe.


i suffer from a similar thing. Go and see a chiropodist. The likely cause is a fallen arch or similar resulting in a turning in of the foot. This focuses the pressure of movement on two metatarsal heads. This causes swelling and pain. The swelling can often cause pressure on the nerves running next to the metatarsal resulting in more pain. The reason behind pain after sitting is due to the tendons running the length of the foot contracting, stretching will help this. The chiropodist will offer insoles designed to put the foot back into a more natural alignment reducing pressure and swelling. Stretching of the calf and arch is useful. Stand as if you are climbing a set of steps. Use the step to stretch to calf.
Relief may take several weeks after treatment



I've seen a different doctor and I finally got a diagnosis. I have a nasty case of sesamoiditis and turf toe. Doc had me try supportive orthotics which actually aggravated the problem. So now he has me doing stretching exercises for the calf and hamstrings along with using a device that limits movement of the big toe and I am finally getting some relief. But I was told that it will take a very long time to heal. Thank-you for the advice.


Maybe you have to go Specialist doctor and there are many more advance medicines are available in this market. In the past, I had that foot pain but Now, I am feeling better.