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Big toe pain from running

Question: Big toe pain from running

I have developed pain on the ball of my foot under my big toe and also felt on the large tendon at the top of the big toe/foot.Never had it before but raised my running distances over a period of a few months and seems I overdid something? Physio diagnosed it as due to my very flat feet and Flexor Hallucis Longus and TIB posterior not doing what they are supposed to and causing me to overload the big toe area when running. Have been given heel raises to strengthen(been doing these for 6 weeks every day) and rested for one month but little improvement at all....Any advice would be much appreciated!Thankyou very much.


This sounds like what I had - Metatarsalgia. I sufferend from both Morton's Neuroma (pain under 3rd/4th toes) and Metatarsalgia (pain on ball of foot) about 6 months ago. I didn't do anything about it for the first few months but it just kept getting worse. I was limping and hated walking anywhere. I treated with cold for about 4 days, resting my foot on a cold pack about 3-4 times a day then started using the BFST Wrap (blood flow stimulation therapy). I did the treatment as well as taped the foot and within a month and a half, it was gone. No more limping! The BFST helps any soft tissue injury as it simply promotes more blood flow to the area. Increased blood flow brings more nutrients and more oxygen, accelerating the healing process. Here is where i got my info....very interesting. Wish you all the best!


Thanks a lot for this AmberLianne!! Visited the link and makes good sense...will try as you advise. Best regards Martin


You are very welcome Marin :) I hope you this works for you as well. Post and let us know how you are doing.