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Calf muscle overuse injury - cycling


Question: Calf muscle overuse injury - cycling

I am an elite cyclist and have been suffering from a calf muscle injury for over a year. Sore/tight inner Gastrocnemius muscles (both legs) causing major drop in power,and getting worse with increased duration/intensity of training. I initially kept on top of the problem to a certain extent with massage but for the last 6 months have not been racing and dramatically decreased riding as it was affecting performance too much.
Had negative tests for blood/nutrition, back problems, narrowing of the illiac arterty, and compartment syndrome. Magnesium supplements seem to ease the problem slightly. Have had a bike set up analysis and no problems there but am currently waiting for some moulded insoles to see if extra support can help.
Any ideas about the problem or possible solutions much appreciated!


Hi KE and welcome to the site. I've posted your question to our Twitter group too.

From @MDGPhysio via Twitter - 'sounds neurodynamic with a myofascial/vascular genic component. Would need to assess properly but neural mobilisations =key'


Hi KE,

Its great you've had all the tests done and looked at your biomechanics as this helps rule out a lot of pathologies. Can I ask who did your biomechanical assessment on your bike and who's made your orthotics?

There are number of possible causes to your symptoms and I would need to assess you fully to give you an accurate diagnosis, however this sounds neurodynamic in nature with maybe a vasculogenic component, however as it is bilateral, it would definitely indicate a central cause. Have you had your back assessed by a Spinal specialist or Physiotherapist with a particular interest in cycling & have they been able to reproduce your symptoms?

Let me know and I'm sure we can get to the bottom of this and resolve it.

Best wishes

Matt Goodman
Director of MDG Physio & Chartered Physiotherapist


Thanks Matt, an excellent answer - I've added a link to mdgphysio for you.

Here's the general rule: If you're answering a question on the site, you're welcome to gently plug your site or service, especially if you're giving some useful information to our members. The best way to do it is to sign off your post with your name, job title (or sporting qualifications) and add a link to your site. You won't be edited by our moderators for adding helpful advice.


Thank you and no worries.

Matt Goodman
Director of MDG Physio & Chartered Physiotherapist

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