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can knee cartilage move or dislodge from your joint

Question: can knee cartilage move or dislodge from your joint

I injured my knee playing football, i have rested for a month now but when i pull my knee in towards my body as an exercise i get some discomfort. Then when i attempt to straighten my leg almost straight away there is a loud click that feels like grissle or hard muscle gets trapped between the knee joint, after this occures the leg is free to extend but not fully straight. I was told by my doctor it could be my medial ligament damaged but the click comes from the outside of my knee.


The stability of the patella is very important to have free flexion and extension of the knee, mostly he has side to side instability due to an injury to the lateral ligament of the patella, so during flexion, the acting powers are not equal and it is sidetracked during the movements, so mechanical load occurs and pain withe limitation of full extension or flexion will be the complain, there may be weakness of the anterior muscles (quadriceps) that affects markedly the pateller stability