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Can you break your Achilles tendon by just running/

Question: Can you break your Achilles tendon by just running/

After jogging 2 miles and a 1/2 mile warm down, I decided to run some wind sprints. After one fifty yard sprint, I began the next (10steps) when all of the sudden something bopped from the back of my ankle or heal, up to my calf muscle and I fell to the ground with immediate swelling of the ankle along with pain up the backside of the leg, approximately 6" to 8" up from heal. I have been using the RICE method, but the swelling and pain persist. After an informal doctors visit (no x-ray), I was told it may be a torn or broken Achilles tendon, keep up the RICE method and to use a brace boot if I needed to walk around. The Orthopedic Specialist is 3 to 6 weeks out. That will put the injury at 6 to 8 weeks old. I'm wondering if anyone has had or come across this type of injury before with repairing success, and will that period of time be to late for any repairs?