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Chronic knee pain w/ no diagnosis

Question: Chronic knee pain w/ no diagnosis

Hello. I've seen several doctors for my problem and they haven't been able to treat the pain or diagnose me with a specific problem. Any advise on treatment, diagnosis, or finding someone who can help me with either of these would be highly appreciated.

I'm 26 years and have been suffering with moderate chronic knee pain in both my knees since I was 17. The pain is mostly on the inside (so for my right knee the pain is to the left of the left of the knee cap and vice versa), although also I sometimes experience pain below the kneecap and on the outside as well. The pain came about after a ~2 month period of intensive running in high school. The problem got substnatially worse when I was 23 and was playing competitive ultimante frizbee.

Pain now comes as a result of walking, running, jumping, squatting, etc. The pain is not sharp. I'd almost characterize it as a mild burning sensation, like how your feet ache from standing too long, but much worse.

Treatment for PFPS (mostly inner quad exercises) did nothing to ease the pain. MRI revealed a potentially problematic plica in both knees. Arthoscopic surgery to remove the plica from my right knee was also unproductive in solving my problem.

The only things that have help me with this problem are perscription stregth doses of NSAIDs (enough to give me stomach problems), which releaved me of the pain when I was 17 when the problem was much more mild, and long periods of inactivity, as after the surgery I spend about a month doing nothing much more than watching TV and my knees felt mildly better after that period of time. However, even a modest routine involving a minimal amount of walking (getting up, going to work, going grocery sports) is sufficient to aggrovate my knee problem.

The orthopedic doctors I've seen have basically given up, and I'm starting to fear this problem will get worse as I get older with no prospect of ever getting better.


It sounds like you are suffering from patellofemoral syndrome or runners knee. I know from experience what you are going through. I first started to have pain when I ran and then my knee would hurt when I went up and down stairs and squatted. What is happening is that your knee joint is not in alignment and the knee cap is not tracking correctly in the femoral groove. This causes pain, the burning sensation and swelling.

I dealt with the pain for years by taking pain medication and trying several different braces and supports and nothing seemed to work until I met a lady at a business lunch named Alice Brown. Alice invented a new orthosis/brace that realigns the upper and lower leg so the knee cap can track correctly in the femoral groove, stops pain and helps to rehabilitate the knee. The brace is light weight and comfortable. I am now running over 3 miles pain free and have not had knee pain since I started to wear the brace. I found after wearing the brace for a few months I only need to wear it when I run long distances. I ordered the brace on line at the website: I found the website very informative and helpful. I hope this information will help you deal with your knee pain.


Hello guys,

I am experiencing the same problem. I felt pain in my left knee after intense running training for a week with no rest. I continued with the training even after the pain and the situtation got worse. Since then, I have been getting pain doing simple stuff such as long walking, stair climbing, and even sitting straight on a chair with feet on the ground. My MRI or X-ray don't show anything but the pain is real and sometimes very annoying. Physiotherapy doesn't seem to help much. In fact, when I compare my left leg with the right healthier leg, I can see around 30% reduction in the diameter of the leg above the knee, which is significant. When I read the first post by "soxxes", I got worried thinking that what if this pain persists as long as forever. My symptoms are similar to what Soxxes described. I would like to ask you if you have found a way to get rid of this yet. If I can contact you or anybody who is having a same problem and fighting, plz contact me at Also, I would like to ask the "pain free runner" who posted the second post to contact me since I have a few questions regarding his condition and the brace.


I had that problem for years, I think I had it since childhood. I had many pains, poor posture, weak muscles, shot left leg, etc. I had pain in buttock, right side low back, left side mid back and left neck. Also weak legs, achilles problems, tight leg muscles, abs, etc.

I saw tens of doctors, PTs, manual therapists, etc. Few of them saw something wrong in my pelvis but didn't know what to do to it.

Then finally I found one three years ago. He diagnosed my problem was left SIJ that was out of position. He pushed it back down and all my problems were gone. I guess I had ilium upslip. It is very common with people in buttock/back pain pain.

I have been reading about it ever since. It's been over 3 years and I have been talking to hundreds of peoples who are similar cases as I was. Many had much worse pains. But there are not many who have skills to correct it. They are not in UK. Actually from UK one patient is coming here on next weekend.

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