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Fibula head dislocation

Question: Fibula head dislocation

I need your help.

Many years ago (1973) I dislocated the fibular head. The orthopedic surgeon suggested that due to my age, the ligaments would heal on their own.
Four years ago I started having numbness in my foot and just below my knee. My doctor diagnosed it as an impingement of the Peronial nerve and surgery was performed to release the nerve (March 2007). Within two months the numbness returned. Last ski season I took a tumble in which my knee was fully flexed and the ski was out to the side. The fibular head dislocated and 'popped' back into position upon straightening my leg. The joist continues to 'pop' resulting in pain and numbness in my foot and down into the ankle.
I have seen three orthopedic surgeons who highly doubt that I dislocated the joint as they have not heard of such problem and that a dislocation of the joint is highly unlikely.

An MRI shows an arthritic condition developing, and an EMG shows nerve dysfunction, but the doctors again say it is not proof of a problem with the fibular head.

I need help finding a doctor in the Boston, Ma/Portsmouth, NH area is familiar with this problem.
It has been nine months since the skiing injury and pain at the joint is increasing.

Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


HI. I have a similar problem. I am a figure skater and I dislocated my fibular head begining of March at a competition in the Netherlands where the medical staff and emts diagnosed it as a Fibular head dislocation. They forced my leg to bend then straighten and it popped back in with effort. They told me when I go home to the US I must tell the doctors what happened because I most likely have a pinched nerve. So I told my Sports med doctor and orthepedic surgeon and they said it is such a rare injury that they doubt that is what happened, and totally disregarded that my ankle was at least 3 times normal size and a had and still have discoloration throught my knee and ankle. I was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrom which is basically hyperflexibility/mobility of joints, ligaments and tendons when I was about 14, and a doctor in Virginia told me that as I got older I would start experiencing odd dislocations.
I live on the CT Mass border about an hour or so from Boston. I was wondering if you ever found a doctor who can help? I have been in pain for a month now, my ankle still hurts and is swollen. I havent been able to fit my foot in my skate even if i could get past the pain. Please let me know if you found anyone that helped you, or if you have any input.



I finally found a doctor who would listen. I had surgery last week. The ligament which attaches the fibula head to the tibia was badly torn. Re-attachment was made with two screws. The peroneal nerve was damaged.

Dr Seigel out Sports Access Medicine in Exeter, NH. 603-775-7575.

I had three doctors who had never heard of such an problem that they all doubted what I had told them, basically the same as you. Good luck.


Can anyone help me with a doctor in California? I have had three knee surgery's and have no relief. I believe now that my challenge is to do with my fibular head. Can anybody guide me to a doctor closer to California?



Can anyone suggest a doctor in Canada?.... so much for free health care. I dislocated my fibularhead joint 4 yrs ago playing rugby and have had pain ever since. Every doctor I have been to is extremely rude in the fact that I am a female and obtained my injury due to a "male sport" and has failed to give me awnsers other then attending physio and see a Chiropractor. My knee has got to the point of hyper extending back, and a ripping sensation in the back of my knee, it also will come out while I am sleeping and is extremely weak. I only seak awnsers, any help will be extremely appretiated.


I am so glad to have found this link!
I first experienced this a few years ago trying to get up from a seated position on the ground..
I could not move..
until the fibula head popped back in place.
Excruciating pain!

Since then it has happened with both knees..a few times each...
No one I know has ever heard of that happening.
The last time was the other night in bed when I was sleeping..
It still feels like it is not back in place correctly and ready to pop out again at any moment.. Scary since I need to work on my feet..
I am being very careful not to do the same moves that popped it out before..

That makes perfect sense that it is a tear of the ligament holding the fibula in place..

If I have to I am going to go to that doctor in NH to get both knees fixed.

Thank you!
Twiggy RN


My daughter is 14 yrs old and a competitive swimmer. This first started happening to her at 12 and she was found to have been born without the ligaments that hold her fibular heads in place in both knees. She had her first surgery (wire to hold the fibular heads in place) at 12. She had had intermittent pain since, though nothing like when they were dislocating) and just recently she began feeling the instability coming back. She is going in on Thursday to have ligament construction surgery on both legs. They are using donor ligament for the procedure. When this first started happening at 12 they didn't believe her either so she had to actually force them to dislocate in the Dr. office to prove it was actually happening. It would happen not only when she was swimming breast stroke or doing turns on the walls, but also sometimes walking up the stairs, doing lunges, sitting Indian style, crossing her legs, riding a bike, running, etc. The first 2 Orthopedic doctors I took her to both said she should just quit swimming and wear braces during the day to prevent the dislocations. This was not acceptable to her, or to me, so I kept looking for a doctor with other ideas. I finally found a Dr. in Richmond (Dr. Chester Sharps at Tuckahoe Orthopedic) that agreed that she was to young to have to make such life altering changes and he was the one that agreed to fix the problem. He has been a life saver. She is an awesome swimmer and hopes to get a swimming scholarship to college. She has never regretted her choice to have the surgery and is even excited about the second one this week that will finally fix the problem for good. We will always recommend searching for additional opinions. Dr. Sharps has been a life saver for us.


I had fibular head dislocation in the early morning. I had one dog on one side of me, and another on the other. I didn't have enough room to turn over to my side and that's when it happened. It was out of place for a half a minute even though it felt longer. I've never had knee issues before. I iced it for 2 hours after that so that there would be no swelling. Luckily, the ice helped keep the pain away. I've been icing it for a few days now and still feel like my knee is unstable. I am going to go buy a knee brace to let my knee heal properly and hoping there are no torn ligaments. The ice has been working. I'm just hoping this doesn't happen again or else I may do more damage. Hoping and praying it doesn't happen again! I had been a competitive swimmer in the past for 20 years, but there was no problem with my knees before, just an accident I guess.