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Having a hip injury causing constant pain when sitting down and prolonged standing, a life long problem?

Question: Having a hip injury causing constant pain when sitting down and prolonged standing, a life long problem?

I am having problems sitting and even standing for the past few years, this injury has been a frustration and rather depressing problem for me since it started 2 years back. When doing rotation of the hip there seems to be clicking sounds. The pain is generally in the hip area, which often causes pain in the right side of the knee. you could measure the spot using 4 fingers from the knee caps. I have went from painkillers, to physiotherapy in which the pain just comes back within a few hours later. What could the problem be and what are is the best suitable treatment for this? Is anyone out there facing this problem too?


its sounds like an Iliotibial band syndrome or with a piriformis syndrome. search for a physical therapist who knows how to deal with these problems...


I have been dealing with almost the exact issues in the last two months, which have been proceeded by years of hip and groin pain. The hip and groin pain I know are caused by a torn labrum, on which I'm having surgery in a week. The labrum is the soft cartilage that protects the hip socket. Recently I was working really long hours at work, sitting for hours at a time. It got to the point where I was no longer able to sit for more than a half hour. Standing is slightly better, but puts so much pressure on the labrum that it becomes uncomfortable as well. As for sleeping, I can only sleep on my back. Any other position is too painful. So for me, I know this new sitting situation is, if not directly caused by, certainly related to, what is going on with my labrum.


I too have been having the same type of problem with my right hip after an injury 8 years ago, but now because of the stress I have been on my left hip. For the last 7 years I have stood, limped, sat and what ever else on my left. Now the pain is so severe that I cannot stand for any length of time, sit in a chair, or sleep in any other position but my back. I cannot shop without so much pain when I am half way thru the store that I am not sure most of the time if I can make it out of the store. My bursitis on the left is was so bad as after many cortisone shots that I had to have the bursa sack removed from the hip. Now it is being said that the muscle or legaments, whatever they are, could also be torn. I am so tired of hurting it is not even funny. The pain on the left probably started at least 2 years ago and was so severe last July that I had to take an early retirement and now am disabled. I cannot even carry my grand children - 10 lbs and 25 lbs because it hurts so bad and I cannot get out of bed for two days after I am very sorry to hear others hurting as bad as I am but it is good to hear that others have the same problem. The doctor has not determined what it is - he does talk about some kind of band or muscles that are torn that are attached to the hip or something like that - but I think reading about both of you - it is what he is saying it probably is - MRI on Wed.

I have gone thru physical therapy twice and it only makes it worse. The pain that we all seem to be sharing seems to only get worse and causes pain into the back and all they way to the foot. I swell, using cane and sometimes a walker because the pain is so extreme. I do take Norco and Soma and suppose to take Oxicodone but I back off from it because I hate to take too much.

would love to hear how others are tollerating this kind of excrutiating pain - - hoping MRI will find what and get it fixed soon!


I know just how you all feel- I've had the same hip pain in right hip for almost a year, 2 years before that I had what my chiropractor called a sacroilliac joint dysfunction, she manipulated me back after 4 occasions but at the last visit my back flared up so badly I went to see my GP who sent my for an xray. They didn't notice anything wrong and the back ache altered to hip birsitis which was the start of the hip pain, I had 2 steroid injections into thigh which didn't really help. Then I had 6 sessions of physio which helped a bit but only to make me stronger, it didn't help the pain so they discharged me from that, was then referred to an orthopaedic surgeon who mentioned my xray showed that my right hip was a bit more shallower than my left, he then gave me another steroid injection but into the hip bone this time- 10 weeks now down the line and it's worse than ever- the injection didn't do anything. Visited my consultant yesterday, now he's not sure it is my hip but I know something isn't right as it seems to catch, clicks when I lift my leg up and down, so uncomfortable to sit, stand or walk for long periods, I too can only feel comfortable lying on back in bed.I'm waiting for a MRI scan now but its difficult doing anything and working is hard to cope with- I have an office job but a lot of up and down movement from desk is involved which aggravates it.Sometimes, having a long walk can be painful at the time but it seems to make it feel slightly better the next day for some reason.Very worried that everyone seems to have this problem for a very long time and the doctors don't seem to know whats going on!my doctor did suggest it could be a torn labrum but not sure.


I'm still thinking about the feet thing. There is a podiatrist near where I live who does gait analysis and shoe inserts but I didn't think it was a good idea because it would have given a false reading if my hips were all out of line. I'll probably go and see him soon now I'm straigtened out.

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if your doc suspects a labral tear all he has to do is order an MRI-A - the gold standard for that diagnosis. S/he might do an injection of a numbing agent into your hip to test if it will help - if it does he should send you for the MRI-A. Then if it is possible you can do an arthroscopic surgery to repair the torn labrum, if it is bad enough to require repair. A small tear can repair itself. It may also depend on how long it has been since your injury or if there is another cause for the labral problem, such as wear and tear due to aging or a collagen deficiency condition.

You are close to an answer if there is a suspicion of labral tear.


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