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hip and lumbar sacral pain

Question: hip and lumbar sacral pain

Hi , I have had pain / tightness in my right hip muscle / glute area for 3 yrs and also very tight groin, stretching them regularly I was still able to play Squash. I put it down to 3 matches a week and allot of lunging. In Jan 2008 I had a back spasm, afterwards it left a sharp pain in the upper right sacral illiac area, this would hurt if walking and worsened on uneven ground. The pain worsened and became very lumber pain orientated , where a bony lump has formed at the pain site on the illiac crest ( where illio lumbar ligiament and spainae irector attachments are ) I have seen Physio and had MRIs that show a small bulge on the L5S1 disc. I had a nerve root block that had no effect - the Dr believes the disc is not the problem ( Sciatica is not present). Having returned to physio Dec 08 it was identified that the Right Glute had stopped activating, and i have a tight groin, Stretches and glute exercise have proved helpful - however the pain is still present, I am almost pain free in the morning and once I start activity / household chores I can feel the muscles start to ache and slowly increase into pain over a period, It feels like there is overloading on the muscle. I suspect the hip / glute are the problem but I cant seem to find a fix.


Hi there

I am an Australian Kinesiologist/sports therapist.

You seem to have a spinal subluxation at L5 level. The nerve that exits at that level controls the function of the gluteus max, and hamstrings.
These seem to be the muscles affected. This is caused by the sacrum not moving between the pelvic bones while breathing.
Lying on your back on the floor with arms spread and your knees close to the chin and rolling from side to side may looses this up. Do in and exhalations while rolling. Massaging the bony protuberances on the back of the pelvis (PSIS) for 30 seconds at a time and 10 to 15 times daily will help to relax the muscles. Also massage a point 1" off center of the pubic bone. This will be painfull. If all this fails to give relief
see a chiropractor. They know more about the spine than your average GP.

Good luck