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how to treat chronic achilles tendinitis

Question: how to treat chronic achilles tendinitis

I have had this condition for about a year now. Previously I was running around 3 times a week for about 40 mins, steady pace. I have been running for several years and am generally quite fit. Once I started to increase my running time, the achilles tendinitis started - very gradually - and to the point where I had to stop running last spring. I have since seen a sports physio for about 4 months and did almost daily eccentric strengthening exercises and stretching. I have attempted running again on and off since last autumn but the condition starts again as soon as I run. Any advice as to how to resolve this will be very much appreciated.


You should try Deep Oscillation therapy, I have treated people with your problem who have had chronic achilles teninitis and have sorted them out in two or three treatments. Where are you based? If you are in the UK I can put you intouch with with a therapist using this treatment. Please see below what one of my clients sent me.

“I just wanted to say how grateful I am to Julie for helping me recover from my Achilles tendon injury and also how impressed I am with the Hivamat treatment. As a personal trainer in a large commercial health club and a competitive Masters Athlete I am acutely aware of how troublesome chronic Achilles tendon injuries can be, often taking several months to fully heal (if at all). So I was pretty impressed to say the least to be able to resume light jogging after only one treatment prior to being barely able to walk without considerable pain. The two hands-on treatments that I had with were superb and I really noticed the difference immediately afterwards. After only two weeks there was very little pain when running and after only three weeks I had a successful return to competitive sprinting (something that I don't believe would have been possible had I followed traditional rehab protocols).

Six weeks further on I have made a full & complete recovery and in my first league competition of the outdoor season I ran within a 10th of a second of my 2008 best time. I won't hesitate in recommending this therapy to our Club Members and my fellow Masters Athletes. Thanks again, Martin”

Martin can be emailed at