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Improperly healed quadricep strain?

Question: Improperly healed quadricep strain?

Five years ago, just before I started high school soccer, I strained my quadricep (I think the rectus femoris specifically) pretty badly. I got physical therapy, but it still kept me out of competition for about two months. Eventually it felt good enough to play, until the next season, when after a hard kick it started hurting again. I got physical therapy once more, and after a few weeks I was ready to go again.
For the next two seasons it felt fine for the most part, with some occasional tenderness and pain, but nothing too severe.
Now, after my first year in college (where I didn't play any soccer), I returned home and took part in a relaxed pick-up game a few days ago. I didn't exert too much, and stretched beforehand. My quad felt fine for the duration of the game and the rest of the night.
When I woke up the yesterday morning, my quad was once again hurting, especially when I walk. Its not so bad that I can't walk, but its irritating and the muscle is tender to the touch. I was hoping it was a one day soreness issue, but its still hurting as much or more today. I'm beginning to worry that, given the pain I have felt at least once or twice a year for the past 5 years, that the initial pull never healed properly.
Is this a possibility, and if so, are there techniques I can use to strengthen it myself, or will more therapy be necessary?