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Knee meniscus injury-swelling and pain after 3 months

Question: Knee meniscus injury-swelling and pain after 3 months

OK, I am 53 years young and I have had my second knee meniscus surgery; this one 11 years later and other knee (right) and physical therapy went great. In fact I was released early because I didn't need it further. I was back to running after 1.5 months and even on streets about a mile to 1.5 miles at first about every other day. I even got up over 5 miles. However, it seems that nearly every run the right knee got tight and painful and I had to stop and walk for about two minutes. Then I could run another 3-4 miles without pain (but it was slow). Within the last week or so (3 months after surgery) the tightness and pain increased and didn't seem to go away when I ran. I was even getting knee pain on non-run days where I was just behind a desk. I am trying to run in my 21st marathon in mid-September. Last surgery 11 years ago I ran a marathon within 4 months of surgery and the recovery went better. This year's knee tear was a bit worse but the doctor says I can run for the marathon goal and even said it the day of the surgery.
Any suggestions on how to recover?


slow down and listen to your knee. background - 58 yr old expert skier/instructor with knee surgery history. my 1st surgery was in '82 for a torn ACL. was in a full leg cast for 8 weeks.
took 9 months to recover, then limped for 3 more months. surgeon suggested riding a bike for therapy/fitness as there's no pounding on the joint. it worked. OK, so you love to run, but if your knee is telling you (it hurts) that running isn't fun, maybe it's time to re-evaluate.
i am in my 4th month of recovery from surgery to repair a fractured patella & tibia(hit a tree Mar 1,2010). i have just started weight bearing on the injured leg after 3 months on crutches. after about 3 days of no crutches, i tried to do too much, and my knee was hurting, felt like a bone bruise. i'm thinking that my summer activities (5-day mt. bike trip & normal 2500 miles of road riding) are done. i would suggest you find a good Physical Therapist, talk to them about your injury and ask for help. listen to what they say and follow the advice. none of this is easy, and it gets harder as you get older. good luck.