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Knee pain going up and down stairs, brought on by running on treadmill

Question: Knee pain going up and down stairs, brought on by running on treadmill

With no reason, and with no obvious trauma, my right knee has started to cause pain, on the joint below the knee. I get no pain when walking, but pain when going up and downstairs AND when running on treadmill. Its a dull pain, and when I first got it I waited for about 10 days for it to calm down before running again, at which point it came back after my first 5km run

Suggestions welcome



It sounds as though you are experiencing pre-patellar bursitis. The pre patellar bursae is located just deep to the inferior pole of the patellar tendon, that is, the area directly beneath the patella (knee cap) itself.

When walking up the stairs, flexion of the knee causes the patella to move inferior (downward) in context of the condyles of the femur, and therefore further irritating the bursae, as stated earlier--the mechanics of normal walking tend not to cause such pain.

Bursitis is, for lack of better terms, inflammation of the bursae. So the question is, how can one decrease the inflammation process? One way, which is a hard path to take, is not running and allowing the bursae to heal on its own. This follows the old adage, "if it hurts don't do it."

Icing the knee immediately after workout, 20-30min, will relieve pain, reduce inflammation as well as swelling.

A high Omega-3 and low Omega-6 diet will help.

A patellar brace may be in order; these serve the purpose of supplying an extra insertion point for the ligament, taking pressure off of the original site and thereby relieving the stress imposed the bursae.


Thanks for the replies

If this helps, I have had a tight hamstring in the same knee for a couple months, and probably am guilty of not stretching it properly

my exercise routine involves running then rowing then light weights 3 or 4 times a week

does this help ?


Hi Have you managed to sort this problem with your knee out? I have the same symptons, pain just below the knee especially when walking up stairs and I too have tight hamstrings. I would be interested to hear your progress


I have found using kinesio tape and going to physical therapy helps a lot with knee problems, once you figure out what is exactly wrong. I would suggest seeing a doctor to be sure.