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lower mid leg pain

Question: lower mid leg pain

When I run the lower inside of my legs like between the calf and the bone hurts. i stop running for three months and the pain went away now I start running again and the pain is back I have bought two pair of running shoes and the pain still there, I don't know what to do.


go see a Podiatrist who specialises in Musculoskeletal Podiatry, to get to the cause of the problem. Relying on shoe shops to recommend the correct shoe...In spite of the all the mod -cons ie treadmill, 'gait analysis' etc, is not the way to treat the feet, as shoes are limkited in their ability to 'correct the gait'.
You probably need streching, orthtoics, correct shoes, physio, massage to deal with the issue


May be you have what we call a shin split (shin splint or periostitis ) is a painful lower leg. There may be locations anterior (front) and posterior . Pain evolves with effort, it may regress when the race accelerates The most common causes for runners are: 1 - shoes or insoles not correct for pronation (or worn), 2 - racing on ground too hard as asphalt or concrete, 3 - a rapid increase in the amount or intensity of running
To treat shin you must stop training or decrease . It is also possible to modify the training to sports less traumatic for a given period (1 month ..) such as cycling or swimming. We need to put ice on the injury two to three times per day post cf previous one. It is also possible to take anti-inflammatory. In this case I strongly advise you to consult a doctor.