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Manubrium / Sternum Pain - joint rupture?

Question: Manubrium / Sternum Pain - joint rupture?

Looking for others suffering from non-traumatic sternal/manubrium pain

I injured my sternum at the manubrium 3 months ago by hyper flexing my chest while rock climbing. It manifested as a loud pop followed by a slight deformity at the joint. Intense pain with movement followed and now the pain is mostly caused by getting in and out of bed and opening doors. I also have tight pain now in my back suggesting an instability of the associated ribs. The joint is more swollen also which makes me think it is in the process of scaring over. I am still not working my upper body at this point and limit my daily activities to avoid chest wall stress.

I had an xray and CT that were both clear ruling out a fracture. Unfortunately because of this, most docs don't seem to take me seriously (5 of them). I recently saw a thoracic surgeon who I trust and he believes I ruptured my joint capsule. Does anyone else have experience with this sort of thing?

I am an avid athlete and would like to get back to using my body and lifestyle without pain.


I’ve been a member of a gym for some time now and for years I have noticed I could (not on purpose) randomly crack "something" inside my sternum.

I’ve doubled my weight load in benching and ever since I’ve started to get pain in my sternum myself.. It starts off a sharp pain down the sternum but then feels like bones are rubbing together and even turning around is painful..

I personally stopped the gum for 4 weeks and recently picked up a small bag at the train station only to be reminded of the same pain in the gym.
I tried playing golf a few days ago and couldn’t even swing the club at all..

I feel your pain on this matter as my Doctor didn’t help at all as if it was all in my mind!