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my foot popped really loud and its still hurting. what would you say the injury is and what should i do?

Question: my foot popped really loud and its still hurting. what would you say the injury is and what should i do?

i got a new job working as security and it involves being on my feet the whole time. i worked a 14 hour day yesterday and while walking around, something in the top of my right foot popped really loud. when it popped i got a shooting pain that went from my foot through my ankle. after it happened i still walked around on it for about 6-7 hours and by that time the pain became a constant pain that went from my foot, through my ankle, and about halfway up my shin. it wasn't a dull pain either. it was a decent amount of constant pain. it has started bruising a little today where it popped which is just underneath the ankle at the top of the foot. what do you think i could have done to my foot and what do you suggest that i do? i don't have good insurance so anything that isn't super expensive would be great. thank you!


There are a number of Joints that could be involved. The Talar-Crural joint - or in other words the sides of the ankle mortice, the Inter -Tarsal Joints - small tightly packed boned in the midfoot.
for some reason or another, and there may be many reasons, the foot has come under this strain could have been in the pipeline, it may have been predictable ie: weight gain, poor flexibility, footwear...many apsects.
If the arches have come under sufficient force to make them Pronate(roll in) more that they should, those joints may have - 'banged against each other' leading to the pain you describe.
Mornings and end of shift would normally be worst from this point, and only non-weightbearing (off one's feet) releives it.
There is a way of assessing the Biomechanics of the problem, and with prescribed exersise, and perhaps orthotics - the problem can be aleviated.
Costs can vary - from a consultation fee, to simple devices to custom devices ( £70 -%150 - £370) depends on what u need.