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Partially torn Quadriceps

Question: Partially torn Quadriceps

Dear all

I am a 33 year Martial Artists, I practice Martial Arts for about 20 years and since 17 years I do it on a very high level - practising 6 days per week and 2 to 3 times a day. This year I suffered an ACL injury in April shortly before entering a major competition. I managed to return to my old level without surgery, however due to personal comitments I wasn't training as much as I normally do for about a months, just very light training. Last week I resolved everything and wanted to start building up myself for the upcoming competition season, however at a dance class I jumped and all of a sudden I felt a burning in my left leg (the one with the acl injury) and barely could walk - I went home and did the usual thing with icing and putting my leg up high, the very next day it went so bad, that I went to the emergency and the result now is a partially torn quadriceps muscle - vastus medialis - my doctor proposed to go for a surgery and have it sewed together in order to lower the risk of injuries in the future. Now I am a bit surprised as I thought only totally torned quadriceps are being surgered and the second thing, it happen when I performed a movement which I am practising for 14 years...???? The doctor said it's bad luck, but I never ever had any troubles like this in my whole life before, my body especially my muscles are very strong. So currently I am a bit buffled of what has happened, one thing I can imagine, I was working on my explosivity with my physiotherapist as in my left leg there was almost no explosivity always a delayed reaction, so when I was doing the jump my leg probably couldn't hold it....Did anyone in here have ever suffered from this kind of injury? What was the treatment, is surgery really needed? And how went the recovery time? I would appreciate any feedback as my surgery is set on to next wednesday and I am not really sure if I want ot go through this unless totally necessary....
Thank you,