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Polyostotic fibrous dysplasia

Question: Polyostotic fibrous dysplasia

A man of 39 has been referred to me with the above condition. It was first diagnosed at age 9. He has suffered several fractures in the intervening time period, including at least one of the left humerus, three right humerus and at least one of the right tib/fib. The right leg tends to ulcerate in the distal anterior shin.
He wishes to be able to play vigorously with his young children and do all the things fathers do! He therefore intends to increase his strength.
All the above considered he is in current good health and has a strenuous job as a mechanic. He exercises on a cross trainer and a static bike.
I am loathe to provide certain types of weight training in view of the above and the potential for shear sites in and around the ulcers. I have given him body weight exercises,plus mobility training and co-ordination.
Is there anyone on the site who has dealt with a similar condition and provide guidance as to exercise limitations or indeed anyone who suffers from the above condition and is prepared to discuss this aspect of their life?