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Quadriceps tendonosis

Question: Quadriceps tendonosis

I have suffered from chronic quadriceps tendonosis for approx 2 yrs.
I have had 3 cortizone injections in both knees over this time with only about 2 months relief from each injection. I recently had a plasma injection in my left knee which failed. I feel like I am out of options other than long term NSAIDS which I would like to avoid if possible. Any suggestions or treatments would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Jason Marden.


Have you tried a good eccentric loading programme for your quads e.g. squats on a decline. you'll find an example programme through google. all the research for tendon injuries points to eccentric loading so its worth a try, some discomfort after training is normal so persevere and keep the ice pack handy for after training! Hope this helps