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recovery time for AC shoulder sprain?

Question: recovery time for AC shoulder sprain?

Mid february I was snowboarding and fell onto my left shoulder, spraining my shoulder and acromioclavicular joint. I went to physical therapy for about 2 months, and now I have my normal range of motion, though I still have trouble putting weight on it, like doing pushups. What I'm worries about is what looks like my bone popping up when my arm is in certain positions. My doctor did say it was going to look rather larger than my uninjured shoulder for the rest of my life. I was wondering if it will ever stop popping up like it does every now and then? And how long until I'm fully recovered?


AC joint sprains usually do result in some cosmetic deformity for life but pain and dysfunction should settle. Appropriate taping of the joint can help as well as massage of the ligament in the gap between the 2 bones! i would suggest seeing a chartered physiotherapist, some scapular stability work may also be useful