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Sharp pain on elbow tip especially on touch

Question: Sharp pain on elbow tip especially on touch

The injury doesn't impair my mouvements but very painful when putting weight on it (on an armchair or crawling on the mats). Hurts even when i wear long sleeves and I fold my arm (fabric is pressing). Pain is not constant and seems to be moving (chunk?). No swelling.


I have been experiencing the same thing for the last 3 weeks. Judoman could not have been more precise with the description of my pain. An answer would be greatly appreciated!


I am in the same boat at Judoman.


I have also got this i can push or squeeze the area with no pain but if i wear a tight jumper or brush lightly against somthing it is quite painfull, it is a strange one


It will go way in 2-3 days with ice packs.
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I also have been experincing the same feeling in my elbows for quite some time, just recently it has been very painful in my left elbow. I can only assume it is from typing on a glass desk all day long....

Whenever I put weight on it it stings and even some bending is extremely painful.

Any advice?


Did this go away for anyone? I've had this since my elbow got knocked about a month ago. It has gone away for a day or two, but then comes back fresh and new.


I have had this and probably because I work with my hands a lot, it shows its ugly head on occasion. It appears where the triceps passes between the teres minor and major an adhesion can form. The end result via a chain of tension is elbow pain, often the medial side.

I suggest you take your opposite hand up under your armpit of the involved elbow and massage around the the edge of the scapula. This has worked for many people (including me!) with similar pain, hope it helps you.

The issues in the tissue.


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