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Shoulder pain and tingling/numbness in hand - any ideas??

Question: Shoulder pain and tingling/numbness in hand - any ideas??

Any one got any ideas about what this is and/or what i can do to sort it out...

I have tender right shoulder which has starting clicking when I rotate it (feels like it is slipping out of place or is grating on something). It aches quite a lot and has started keeping me awake at night. Sometimes I get a sudden twinge going down my arm, which causes numbness and weakness (I dropped a bottle of champagne last week) which radiates down to my hand giving me tingling or pins/needles in my fingers. It's worse when I reach above my head, or play overhead shots at tennis. The whole shoulder feels tight and tense, especially in the morning. I've noticed i can't do press-ups any more using that arm - shoulder feels like it will give way. A friend who is a physical therapy student got me to hold my arms out to the side (like a cross). On that arm, I can get it to 90 degrees but only hold it there for about 2 seconds before it begins to drop, and any resistance - even 1 finger pressing against my arm and it drops back down to my side.
I've had it abput 6 months, but there doesn't seem to be any improvement. Anyone know any exercises that might help, or what might be the problem??