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Soleus muscle pain

Question: Soleus muscle pain

Have been diagnosed witt a soleus strain developed after a marathon, despite following stretching protocols and ultrasound for three weeks pain will reappear on runs over 4 miles?


Have you ever thought about regular sports massage? I'm a sports massage therapist and treat marathon runners on a regular basis to improve their tissue condition. Take a look at and let me know if you have any questions :-)


I did not see any information on how long a rest period you gave your strained soleus muscle. During the three week regimine of Ultrasound treatments, were you resting it, or did you continue to run? If you continued to run during treatment, you may not be fully recovered or you may be constantly re-injuring the traumatized soleus muscle.


There may be a differential diagnoses, it may be the deep Posterior Tibialis that is involved, rather than the Soleus. A Soleus Injury would be a very rare creature indeed in a runner.
Try heel raizes, orthotics to control pronation, footwear adjustments
You may need a combination of - physio for soft tissue management, or massage as the other adviser pointed out, and a Podiatrist to look at the Musculoskeletal side of function.