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Spondylolisthesis, first degree, at L5 to S1 (lumbar)

Question: Spondylolisthesis, first degree, at L5 to S1 (lumbar)

Can anyone recommend any rehabilitation and exercises for Spondylolisthesis, first degree, at L5 to S1(lumbar)?


Hello Maria,

Please provide some anthropometric data regarding the subject who is supposed to undergo rehabilitation for the aforementioned condition. Furthermore, enlighten upon the type of symptoms that the patient presents during rest and functional activities.

All the above is essential to formulate any rehab. protocol.





The above is a radiographic finding which does not tell us much on what your complaint is (low back pain, leg pain?). Textbook knowledge would say that the spine stability would be compromised by this finding. So one thing a person could do is start a core stability program.
First, I would recommend you see a chiropractor to get rid of your pain. As soon as the pain subsides, start the core stability program. Good luck!


You should try to find the Williams Flexion and McKenzie extension protocols online if you can, these would be ideal for your injury. I had this last year and these programs got me back to lacrosse within months.


Thank you all for your kind responses. I am the patient, 52 yrs. old. I have a knee injury, and because of that I have to consciously realign my body so I do not favor my weak side. (I do Iyengar yoga). I have pain after I do many forward bands, and/or sitting for a long time.

I feel it usually on my weaker side. I do stretch and strengthen my hamstrings and core muscles. I find helpful partial inversions on the inversion table, and back2life machine. I think a difficult key for me is to strengthen my weaker leg (no cartilage or ACL on my left knee). I am thinking to do ACL and meniscus allograft, to be able to build stronger muscles.