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Sprained Ankle 5 years ago & still having problems

Question: Sprained Ankle 5 years ago & still having problems

I sprained my right ankle badly playing soccer roughly 5 years ago. After healing time I felt it had not recovered fully as i was gettin an accute nagging pain/stiffness in my nakle. I got an MRI scan which was clear. Anyway my ankle has got gradually/considerably worse & now I also suffer from severe stiffness up the right side of my body(mostly ankle,it band,abdomen) which gets worse after every time i exercise(play sport etc)& improves after rest/sleep. Iv gone back to countless physios, specialists who hav not been able to rectify my problem. Iv been given orthotic insoles & been given countless stretches to loosen/strengthen my muscles. One physio discovered that the talar head of my talus bone is loose/falls in when my foot stands on the ground (which I feel is my problem) He used taping to prevent this but obviously this is not a long term solution. Is there any treatment which might pervent my irregular talus movement which I feel is also causing my chronic stiffness. I feel like i am unable to put the full weight of my body on my originally injured right ankle.

Any advice on this would be greatful. Thanks