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Sprained ankle still swollen after a month although no pain

Question: Sprained ankle still swollen after a month although no pain

Over a month ago I sprained the outside of my ankle while doing interval walking. I stepped on some uneven pavement and my ankle just rolled beneath me and I went down. Within 20 minutes, a swelling the size of an orange was on the outside of my ankle. I went to emergency, had it X-Rayed and nothing was broken. Within a few hours, I was able to put weight on it in a shuffling sort of way and after a few days was able to bear weight completely. There has been no pain since the initial day.

My ankle went through many colors, mostly purple, all the way to my toes but now all of that is gone. All along I have alternated with heat and ice, used arnica, moxa and lymph oils, I elevate it once or twice a day for an hour each time or until the swelling goes down. I massage it at that time as well using the oils and pulling towards my heart.

I am ready to start a walking program again but my ankle swells up as soon as I am on it. I awake in the morning and it is normal but within a half hour of being up, it is swollen. At times it is more swollen where the skin is pulled quite tight and that is generally when I put it up. I wear an ice bag around, then an ace bandage, take a hot tub, I have done a therapeutic swim just once so far and I guess I just don't know if I can get started doing things or not. I have seen an MD, an acupunturist, and a chiropractor, but all in the early stages. I have seen no one of late as I have no pain whatsoever, just this annoying swelling. I am a very overweight individual (5'8" 220 pounds) and know this doesn't help.

Any suggestions?


I'd really like to know this answer because I have the exact same thing, Although im a very fit teenager and when this happened I was playing sport landed badly then a rather big individual landed on it.

Most pain I experiance is cramping and I can walk but my ankle movement is restricted, Swelling was ridicuosly big when I first did it but still very swollen after 2 weeks.


No answers. I have the same problems. Five weeks aftr badly spraining my ankle I can now walk with slight weight bearing using crutches. Within a half hour of doing any exercise it swells up. Why I wonder?


Pls I am suffering for football ankle injury since over 2months ankle swell up after series of use of pain relieve drugs,what else will I do to make the ankle swell up to go down then I can get back to the football field