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Sternum injury? Bruised or fractured?

Question: Sternum injury? Bruised or fractured?

I was playing a football match last weekend and a player from the other team thought it would be a good idea to rugby tackle me. She was running at full speed and her head smashed against the upper sternum area. At the time it was very painful. One week later I don't feel like the pain is easing. I haven't been to get checked out as I'm used to being injured and prefer to get on with it. I'm presuming it's just badly bruised. How long do you reckon it will take until I can do some form of exercise? Thanks


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Best wishes for your recovery.


Sternum, like rib injuries take a long time to heal because everytime you breath they are moving. It is not uncomon for a deep sternal bruise to take 3-4 weeks to heal. Ice massage 3x per day for 10 min. May help with pain and healing. If you need to keep training, ice your sternum for 15-20min prior o training and then again if it becomes painful. This should allow you to keep training while it heals. Kinseio taping is often helpful as well.