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stretches for the thoracic spine

Question: stretches for the thoracic spine

I would like to know some stretches for the thoracic spine


I have recently injured some muscles in the thoracic spine and its a horrible injury.....I could not really find a position that work really effectivley, however, tilting the upper back to the left and right, trying to maintain the lumbar in the centre eased it a lil bit. Try flexing it by, sitting down, lowering chin to chest, slump shoulders forwards then trying to push just your thoracic spine outwards, another, fold arms like the russian dance thing out infront, chin up and tilt upper back keeping lumbar neutral as possible, folding arms again and rotating gently to each side may ease any pain but will deffinitly stretch it. I found laying down and rasing head by putting chin to chest stretched the upper thoracic anyway.

Hope this helps

Carl Davis (MSc Sports Therapy