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Suspected Cuboid Fracture in Left Foot

Question: Suspected Cuboid Fracture in Left Foot

Hi all,

I landed awkardly (sat on it) on my left foot during football training earlier this week while going in for a tackle. Felt an immediate sharp pain which lasted a couple of minutes, but it gradually subsided and I was able to complete training, albeit with a little difficulty with my gait and putting pressure on my feet.

The pain got a little worse the next day, and I went in for an Xray at my military camp. The doctor affirmed that there was nothing serious with my injury, although i could spot a rather thick crack at the cubiod bone (the base bone where the 5th metatarsal bone ends). His argument: if the fracture was really that bad as shown on the xray, I would not be able to walk at all and should be feeling the pain constantly. He dismissed it as a foot contusion rather unprofessionally.

As of now, I can walk and bear pressure on my left feet, feeling a little pain at the outer balls of my feet when i toe-off, and no pain at all when i am standing or sitting. Also, I could almost walk normally the day before, but the pain returned this morning. There is a very slight swelling on the mid section of my left feet, but not noticeable. I have been iceing my leg periodically, and soaking it in ice water. The painkiller Mefenix has also been prescribed to me.

My question is: Do i carry symptoms of a cuboid fracture, has anyone had that injury before and can testify to that?
Also, can this type of injury be treated conservatively, or must it be surgical?

Looking forward to your expert opinions,thanks in advance!!



Hi there

I am an Australian Kinesiologist/sports therapist

I think you have torn the ligaments of the tibials, not away from the bone but torn the fibers. I would suggest rest, for a few days, 3000 mg of Vitamin C to help the connective tissue that the ligaments are made of heal faster. (see;'Vitamin C and Connective tissue on the net) and gently massage each muscle seperately. The anterior tibialis on the outside of the lower leg bone from center towards the foot and below the knee, with other words away from the center of the muscle. This will 'reset' the spindle cells in the muscle and lengthten it. You can see this muscle when you lift your toes towards the knee. Massaging the muscles at the back of the lower leg, Soleus, Gastrocnemius and posterior tibialis from center to insert and origin will help stabilise the lower leg muscles.

Good luck

Hans de Rycke Fr.R.C.
'Bahk-Ge's Retreat'
Natural and Spiritual healing center.


Hi Hans,

Thanks for the reply.

1) So the symptoms I carry are not that of a fracture?

I realised that if I walk barefoot at home, the pain is there, and if I wear shoes or slippers, the pain is almost non existent, and I could almost walk normally the day before as I made my way out for an aquajogging session.
2) What does this point to, should I start wearing footwear at home too to linder the pain?

3) Also, it has been more than 72 hours since the injury occured. Should I start with heat treatment now, or stick with iceing the leg?



Hi there

Strapping the lower leg for 2 hours at a time and 2 hours without would benefit.
There does not seem to be an inflammation so icing won't be necessary. Heat treatment, like an infrared ray lamp would be of some benefit. But not as much as the recommendations given in the previous contact.

The difference between wearing foot wear or walking bare footed indicates the need for support hence the strapping suggestion.

Good luck