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Bursitis of the knee

Question: Bursitis of the knee

Many years ago (35) I fell on my right knee while riding my bike. The bruising was substantial and circumvented my knee cap. I was told after the bruise subsided that I should have had the blood drained as the scaring would give me trouble in my later years. So I have not had any major problems but it can occasionally get "tweaky" if I twist it certain ways but swim aerobics classes seemed to really help this and I thought I was completely mended. So I have begun riding my bike as additional exercise, 4 miles every other day, doing intervals and really trying to push myself. My knee has developed a swelling right on top of the top of my knee cap. The swelling is not painful or hot or red, just a swelling. If I draw a circle around it, it is approximately 2.5" wide and 1.5" top to bottom. I am unsure if I should continue my regimen or if I should rest it or what. As I said there is absolutely no pain, no redness, just a soft swelling.

So after much internet research, this appears to be bursitis of my knee. There has been no change in it small size since I posted this a week ago. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


If it is a bursit you could try dryneedling.

Good luck