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Thigh pain with exercise

Question: Thigh pain with exercise

I have unilateral thigh pain with cycling and running down hill. If activity is continued, pain effects entire leg...goes away when activity is stopped. constant ache in quad.


I would like to try to be helpful, but need additional information. Could you make a pain drawing available showing exactly where in "entire leg", front, back, outside, inside?
Any color changes in the leg, especially foot?
Does your leg fatigue?
What is your hip range of motion, especially flexion and extension, but also medial and lateral rotation and what position are in when tested?
what is the nature, the quality of the pain?
If hip screen is normal, consideration can be made for vascular compromise, would expect some discoloration if so, and fatigue.
another case might be made for a peripheral neuropathy or even radiculopathy.
I do suggest a visit with your regular medical doctor, family practise or internal medicine as a beginning point.
Jerry Hesch, MHS, PT
Hesch Method, Hesch Manual Therapy


my case is much more complex - I already had vascular surgery on that side and thought i was healed until 4 months into training I started experiencing the thigh pain again...but slightly different. This seems more muscular - right along the rectus femoris (starts general thigh). If cycling pain goes into calf and toes go numb...exercise stopped, all but a ache goes away within minutes. no significant loss of power, like the vascular and hurts running downhill and not uphill like it did when vascular. Hip ROM is good and no pain in hip. I have seen many physicians, just thought maybe there was some other ideas.