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What Causes Pain Under Your Knee Cap?

Question: What Causes Pain Under Your Knee Cap?

I Have Pain Under my Left Knee Cap.. Only When i Walk, Or Straighten My Leg.
& Since i Had Ankle ligament Surgury On My Right Ankle Nearly 3 weeks Ago. I`ve Had To Use Crutches & Its Been Causeing My Knee MOre Pain. Its Hell.
Ive Done Nothing to My Knee That i Know Of.. & Its Fine When My Knees Bent Only a Slight Ache.. Like A `Need To Click it` Sort of Ache.
...Can Anyone Help..?


Hi there

I am an Australian Kinesiologist/sports therapist

The knee is one of the most complex joints in the body. There are lots of muscles connecting with it, lots of ligaments, tendons, cushioning devices and more.
Misdiagnosing a problem is common. Muscles can pull bones out of alignment so they interfere with other bones. When that occurs there are two ways of looking at the problem.
You can operate and scrape a little bit off the bone so it does not touch the other bone anymore, or you can reset the energy to the muscle, either through chiropractic, or kinesiology. The first method is fixing the symptoms of the problem and the second and third methods are fixing the cause of the problem.
I feel that your problem is related to the Gastrocnemius muscle.
The tendon of this muscle starts just above the knee on the femur and finishes as the common tendon (Achilles) at the heel.
This tendon is shared at the heel with the plantaris, triceps surae, and soleus.
The tendenous attachment above the knee of all these muscles allows the foot to flex and stabilise.
I don't think anybody tested any of these muscles before the operation and it is the gastrocnemius that caused your original problem, and it is still causing your problem. When overtight it pulls the lower legbones upward an this causes misalignment with the patella, the kneecap.
This muscle gets its energy from the triple warmer meridian. This meridian energises the reproductive system and uses vitamin C as fuel.
I suggest 3000 mg of Vitamin C daily for at least three months and a maintenance dose of 1000 mg daily.
See website 'Vitamin C and collagen formation', or 'Vitamin C and connective tissue'
Allergies often cause Vitamin C deficiencies, and, when it affects the Gastrocnemius, it is usually related to drugs, either prescribed or otherwise.
If otherwise, see if you can find out which part of the mind in particular you want to alter, and why. If you are unhappy, and drug users usually are, find the CAUSE of the unhappiness rather than hide the symptoms.
There might be a healthier alternative.

Good luck

Hans de Rycke Fr.R.C.
'Bahk-Ge's retreat'
Natural and Spiritual Healing center