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why will my neck not stay in alignment

Question: why will my neck not stay in alignment

I injured my neck about four years ago when I was 17. I have been visiting a chiropractor for almost the entire time. I enjoy lifting weights and it is a big part of my life. when my neck is "out" the pain radiates into my upper back, shoulder, arm, hand, elbow (all left side). when I get adjusted it feels great but it does not last long and I need to go back in. This is extremely frustrating to me and I have tried to strengthen my neck before with little success. What can I do to keep my neck in place while maintaining my active life style.


You clearly have some instablity with your neck and spinal treatment from your Chiropractor and the type of exercises you are doing may not be conducive to each other. Depending in the nature of your original neck injury and types of activities that continue to cause your neck to go out of "alignment", dictates what course of treatment and "corrective" exercises you need to be following. There is always the possibility that one cannot continue to perform the same level of activities following any injury and especially if it is a serious spinal injury. Creating Wellness One Day at a Time!


The chiropractor should be giving you some form of exercise to maintain your alignment after he manipulates you. Otherwise he is only fixing your symptoms without addressing the cause of the problem. Try another practitioner.