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Latest Issues

Issue 141

Soccer injury prevention programmes, Rehabilitation:syndesmosis injuries(part 2), Game of throws:water polo injuries, The knee:
functional performance tests

Issue 140

Returning to sport after injury, Rehabilitation – syndesmosis injuries, Case study – wrist pain, Best fit – shin guards in soccer .

Issue 139

*Rest and injury management *Rehab masterclass: rectus femoris *Case study: the flipping meniscus *Swimming and shoulder injury

Issue 138

*Jellyfish stings: identifying the correct treatment *Anatomy: mid and forefoot injuries *Rehabilitation masterclass: Achilles tendon *Iliotibial band: friction or compression

Issue 137

*Ankles: dorsiflexion *Knees: hyperextension injuries *Case study: flexor hallucis longus muscle strain *Heels: diagnosis and treatment of plantar heel pain *Pedalling: the foot/pedal interface

Issue 136

*Concussion: early diagnosis *Low back pain: bone injuries *The knee: the risk of meniscal tears *Swimming: shoulder asymmetry *Trauma: compartment syndrome

Issue 135

*Overuse injuries: the causes *Case study: hip and groin pain *Shoulder injury: SLAP lesions *Snow sports: injury prevention

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