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Calf strain

Calf strain is a common sports injury and affects athletes from many different sports. The injury occurs when the calf muscle gets stretched beyond its limits and torn.

The majority of calf strains occur when athletes are running, making athletics the perfect breeding ground for the injury. However, basketball players, tennis players, footballers and athletes from a host of different sports will frequently pick up calf strains.

Avoiding calf strains involves warming up properly prior to training and competition. Flexibility and strengthening exercises should also be undertaken regularly. Athletes who avoid overtraining will significantly lower their chances of picking up calf strains.

Recovering from a calf strain involves taking weight off the leg as soon as possible, resting and up and icing the injury to minimise swelling. Depending on the severity of the calf strain, further action might be necessary so consulting a GP or physio is always advisable.

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