Intramuscular hamstring tendon injury: prognosis, surgical repair and rehabilitation

in Anatomy, Diagnose & Treat, Leg injuries, Strength

Adam Smith explores the anatomy of intramuscular hamstring tendons, outlines an injury classification system and using a case study, provides treatment and rehab options following surgical repair. Hamstring injuries are the most common muscular injury in athletes with most injuries occurring at the musculotendinous junction(1-3). There is some evidence that injuries that involve the intramuscular... MORE

Posterior shoulder laxity: more common than we thought?

in Diagnose & Treat, Shoulder injuries

Adam Smith explores the anatomy of the posterior shoulder, outlines the most common causes of instability, and provides guidelines for diagnosis and rehab in the overhead athlete. Posterior instability is a relatively uncommon condition, typically reported in athletes who participate in contact or overhead sports.  It is reported to represent as little as 10% of all... MORE

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