Candice MacMillan

Candice is a qualified physiotherapist with a special interest in the prevention and rehabilitation of sports injuries and the conditioning of athletes. She obtained her award-winning MSc and Ph.D. in Physiotherapy (Sport) from the University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa). Research emanating from her post-graduate studies has been published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at sports medicine conferences. She has been the physiotherapist for several professional sports teams and has worked at both the USA and South African Sport Science Lab (SSL) franchises. She is currently a post-doctoral fellow at Rhodes University's Department of Human Kinetics and Ergonomics and the SSL certification course designer and senior instructor. Candice is also a researcher at the Wits Cricket Research Hub and an avid triathlete.

Articles by Candice MacMillan

Navigating sports medicine’s ‘Bermuda Triangle’ – part II

in Acute injuries, Anatomy, Diagnose & Treat, Overuse injuries, Pre-hab and post-surgical rehab, Proprioception and balance, Strength

In Part II of navigating athletic groin pain, Candice MacMillan outlines the treatment and rehabilitation of these injuries in the context of the control-chaos continuum. Athletic groin pain (AGP) is common among athletes participating in soccer, Australian rules football, Gaelic football, ice hockey, and rugby union(1,2). Traditionally, practitioners consider AGP as the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of... MORE

Navigating Sports Medicine’s ‘Bermuda Triangle’ – Part I

in Acute injuries, Diagnose & Treat, Improve, Musculoskeletal injuries, Overuse injuries, Pre-hab and post-surgical rehab, Prevent

Groin pain remains a challenging sports injury to manage. The complex regional anatomy provides practitioners with the unenviable task of diagnosing and managing athletes with groin pain. However, a universal terminology and taxonomy would assist practitioners in diagnosing and managing these athletes through the return to play process. In part I, Candice MacMillan discusses the... MORE

Demands of Sport: Part III – Hold your forces:...

in Improve, Musculoskeletal injuries, Power development, Prevent, Proprioception and balance, Speed development, Strength, Tools and technology

The transferability of return to sport assessments and the development of rehabilitation programs based on the outcome of those tests is debatable. Candice MacMillan explores the dynamic correspondence of plyometric tests and outlines the clinical implications for rehabilitation professionals. Introduction In the world of Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM), numerous technological devices can provide comparative,... MORE

Sleeping sporting beauties: Part I – how hormones influence...

in Female Athletes, Improve, Other, Tools and technology

The role of sleep on performance is undeniable. However, female athletes’ sleep-recovery relationship may differ from their male counterparts due to their physiology.  In part one, Candice MacMillan discusses how female hormones interact with the circadian rhythm and their impact on sleep. Introduction Sleep is a key element to peak athletic performance(1). It is regarded... MORE

Injuries among male and female amateur rugby players: what...

in Acute injuries, Ankle and foot injuries, Email Newsletters, Female Athletes, Knee injuries, Leg injuries, Shoulder injuries

Paper Title: Injury Trends in Irish Amateur Rugby: An epidemiological comparison of men and women Publication: Sports Health Publication date: March 2021 INTRODUCTION Despite its collisional nature and high injury incidence rate (IIR), rugby union is a popular global sport. Males and females play the sport at professional, semi-professional, and amateur levels. Although research exists... MORE

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